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A bunch of quick questions about engagement programs, e.g. sending content at specific time, do new entries get drip content right away, and more...

Question asked by b6ef7f73b2351422d1ddff0acf81fddef32a63bf on Apr 5, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 6, 2015 by Josh Hill
I've got a bunch of quick questions - would love your help!

1. What do you do with content that you need to go out on a specific day to whoever is currently in the engagement program? Do you just bring it to the top and change the stream cadence to time that content, then change the cadence back later once that content has been cast?

2. If my cadence is set at every 2 weeks, will new leads that come into the drip get content on those dates even if they just joined the drip, for example, the day before? If so, then I assume I just add a wait step before the add to engagemeng program flow?

3. I want to change program status to Engaged if they click on any link in an email - will the below smart list in the engagemeng program only count clicks in emails WITHIN the engagement program, or across the entire system (which I don't want)?


4. What's the best trigger campaign to use to add any new staff that join the company to engagement programs?