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    Understanding Stream Cadence

    Nate Oosterhouse
      I am looking for some clarity on what Stream Cadence exactly means when someone is added to a stream.  If the Stream Cadence is "Every 3 weeks on Thu | 8:00AM EDT"  does this mean the first email in the stream will go out 3 weeks on a Thursday after this person was added to the stream or does this mean regardless of when the person was added to the stream the first email goes out on the Streams schedule?

      Also does anyone know how to change the wait periods from within a stream to one maybe 3 weeks, the next email in the stream 2 weeks, and so on?  Anyone know of any documentation for adding programs within streams?  I do not understand how that works.

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          Josh Hill
          Hi Nate,

          I wrote about this on slideshare.net/jdavidhill under Boston user Group Dec 2013.
          • The lead will get the email at the next Cast. If that is 3 weeks from now, then they wait 3 weeks. If the next Cast is this Thursday, they get it this Thursday.
          • You cannot change stream cadences w/o affecting everyone. You can use difference Cadences in different streams and move people around. Not really a great solution for what you want, but is possible.
          • Some folks do use an Entry Program to send immediately and then push into the Stream.

          For adding a Program, you can drag any program in (except email send). But each Program you add must have an "Entry Nurture" campaign that is set a certain way.

          essentially it says "Member of Engagement Program IS TRUE; Program=X" and then it runs the flow associated with that campaign. Keep in mind this runs CONCURRENTLY alongisde the Casts.
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            Nate Oosterhouse
            Thanks Josh,

            Could you clarify a little more on what you mean runs alongside the casts?  Does this mean when you add a "Entry Program" into the stream the content order is meaningless?
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              Dan Stevens
              I think what Josh is saying is that if you, for example, include a 2 day waitstep in the smart campaign that includes the "Member of Engagement IS TRUE" filter, that the email will be sent two days after the date of that cast.  This can sometimes be useful as a temporary shift when emails are scheduled to go out on a holiday.