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    How do I run a report on A/B Test and a report on the winner individualy?

      Hi All!
      I am trying to get a better handle on my reporting and would like to be able to report on the A/B tests I run, and on the winning results. When I look at the tests and export the results, the information does not come through clean and readable (not like it looks like or listed on the dashboard). So I have been pulling them manually but this does not feel right... there must be a better way.

      I also noticed when I run my weekly email campaign report, the test gets pulled into the declared winner and thus the data is not clean. I would like to get a report on the test, and on the declared winner itself. Is this possible?

      So far I am thinking the best thing I can do is run a test, run a report on the test before I release the winner (or back dated to before the winner was released). Plus then at least I am not pulling the results manually. Then, do not declare a winner, create another program within the campaign with the winning information in order to release the winner, and get a clean reporting on the winning results. Yet this still sounds like a long process.

      Anyone have a better idea?