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    Salesforce integration - State picklist - 2-letter abbrev. vs. full text of state.

      I know this is probably better posed to Salesforce support... but 1st level email support never responds timely, nor provides a satisfactory answer....

      I've inherited a Salesforce org that uses the full name of state in the picklist, instead of the two-letter postal abbrev. i.e. "Michigan" instead of "MI"

      This seems to be causing some problems with the Marketo synch where records have the 2-letter abbrev.

      I'd happily switch Salesforce to the 2-letter abbreviation, but it's not clear how to accomplish this.

      Alternatively, I'll put a fix into Marketo if there's an easy one to deal with it.

       What have others done?

      Addendum: This may be a matter of simply disabling state and country picklists. I'm finding other discussions about the lack of a choice between 2-letter abbrev's and full-spelling for states in the picklist feature.