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Email Send Program Default for Success

Question asked by d07f00037c470975b804d9809eaa520f740ffc6d on May 5, 2015
Latest reply on May 6, 2015 by d07f00037c470975b804d9809eaa520f740ffc6d
I am working in a client Marketo instance where there was a lot of turnover in the past and things weren't set up optimally. The default program statuses for the Email Send Program have been changed but don't seem to have been made use of. I'm trying to remember what the default settings are. I checked another instance and the settings were Member and Engaged - but neither was flagged as "Success." Is that the default? Or does Engaged = Success by default? If so, am I correct in interpresting "Engaged" to mean Opened or Clicked? With our "regular" Email Blast programs, Opened doesn't count as Success. Thanks in advance for any insight!