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New Lead/Contact field in Salesforce is split into 2 in Marketo with L on the lead one

Question asked by ba600f753b931d41c029721eaa36356b5b857429 on Mar 27, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 11, 2015 by Greg P
We have a field called Job Function that we have on both the Lead and Contact records in Salesforce and the Lead field mappings pass data from the lead to the contact on lead conversion. This field was created after our initial Marketo implementation. The same thing is happening on our field called Job Level. Both are picklist fields.

In Marketo, after refreshing the schema, I am seeing 2 fields: Job Function and Job Function (L). The first is the Contact field and the second is the Lead field. Now this makes forms and such very difficult because which field do we put on? How can I make it so these fields map to 1 Marketo field.

NOTE: We have other custom fields of this nature that are set as a single Marketo field and sync to both the Lead & Contact in Salesforce.