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    How do I view leads in my nurture streams?

      Hey guys,
      I'm building out a Nurture Stream and want to know which leads are currenly in each stream.  If I click "View: Leads" from the menu, I can see the # of leads in each stream, and I can see the leads that received each cast, however, I can't see the leads that will receive the next cast?

      I'm filtering out leads that show activity from one stream to the next, so I want to be able to see who will receive each cast before sending (not after).

      Any thoughts?  I assume this is simple, just not familiar with where to look.

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          Hi Todd,

          On your engagement program menu tabs. Click on "Members". This will bring up everyone inside the entire engagement program. Make sure your "view" has the field "Engagement Program Stream". This will show you whose where.

          Any reason you are breaking this into three diffferent streams?
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            Thanks Tim.

            Yes, so it's a bit of a work-around.  We are trying to build out a sales outreach 'nurture' campaign.  I use nurture loosley, because it's not a true marketing nurture program.

            Our requirement from sales is to send a 'personalized' email to new suspect leads once a week, for 4 weeks. However if someone replies/responds during that week, we want to remove them from the program so they don't get the next email. So, this is our first attempt at that.  

            We are trying to filter out leads who respond through the Transition Rules, but are finding Marketo is not really set-up to remove people from streams based on activity or in our case Lead Status (Suspect vs. Lead Responded). I'm not sure this is going to work, seeing how transition rules pull people rather than push people between streams.  My test lead is getting pulled into the next stream too quickly.

            Feel free to send a better way!

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              Ah, yes makes sense. This is all personal preference, but I use engagement programs a ton for running similar programs. I found it very easy to manage where people are.

              What I've also found to be best in moving people through non traditional engagement programs is to use outside trigger campaigns that will change engagement stream.

              You could set up a tirgger campaign that looks for delivered email and a flow setp to move people to the next stream with a wait step of 1 week so that you ensure you stick to the proper 1 touch a week timeline. Based on your steps in the screen shot, it looks like once someone is delivered the email they will move to the second stream and receive another email the same day just an hour later and so on.

              Add another trigger campaign that looks for the data value change of your Lead Status Field. In the flow add a change engagmeent program stream and send every responded lead to say stream 4 which is a bucket of leads that have responded to the program and will not be active in your cadences.
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                Thanks Tim!

                That's very helpful and a creative way to move people around.

                The transition rules seem to be working to move people between streams, but I like your thinking with the trigger campaigns in the flow steps, including having a stream for people who respond.

                (The timing for now is just for testing, so I don't have to wait multiple days)