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    Progressive profile based on stage

    Kim Allen
      Happy Friday!

      Here's the case - some ppl are thinking we need more information from our leads before passing them to sales. So they ideally would like for leads that are close to hitting our 100 threshold to get these questions and answer so we have that additional qualification data. However, they don't want the questions asked too early before the lead is educated or actually interested. Any ideas on this? They were asking if we could do progressive profiling at that certain point with a few questions? I'm not sure about this and also know (based on a recent "update your email address" campaign that a large portion of our leads clear their cookies. Any suggestions would be appreciated! Thanks!
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          Hi Kim,

          Assuming that the forms are on Markeot landing pages then I think you could use Dynamic content.

          First you would need to set up a segmentation to break out your target group from the rest, so perhaps base on having a score btween X and 100.

          Then you would need 2 forms. The nbaisc on and the one with additional Qs for the target leads.

          Then you would need to apply dynamic content to the form on your Landing page using the segmentation that you just created and apply the forms.

          It's not a sure thing because it relying on the lead being known and their cookie detected but it's an option.

          The only other option I could think of would involve them filling out more than one form which isn't ideal really.

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            Justin Norris
            Hey Kim, not sure how your nurture is structured, but let's say you had a mid stage nurture stream that was dependant on reaching a score threshold (e.g., 50) and in that stream you offered some assets with forms that included the more advanced fields. 

            Those that completed those fields would get bumped ahead and pushed to sales sooner and you would know that earlier stage leads who hadn't shown sufficient interest wouldn't see them. 

            Downside is you would need unique forms/LPs for this purpose (e.g., wouldn't work if you pushed all leads of any stage to the same webinar registration page). So a small amount of extra setup but I think it would achieve your goal. 

            Justin Norris | Perkuto
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              Kim Allen
              Thanks you two!

              Our forms are on non-MKTO landing pages; I think Justin that your solution works best. Right now we do have forms across all content (gated or non-gated forms depending) but we may consider creating unique forms for this purpose. We do have our nurtures set up by stage so that would work.

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                Sanford Whiteman
                Maybe I'm missing something here, but it sounds like you can use existing ProgPro for this together with a little JS. 

                Create a simple field that holds whether the prospect has passed a progressive threshold: this'll be the field you set to "yes" or leave blank using Flows on the back end.

                Add this field to the ProgPro section of a form followed by the additional fields you want to conditionally show, say 3 add'l fields for example.  Set a maximum of 3 empty fields. 

                Then in JS you can tell if 3 or 4 fields total are delivered in the form sent to the browser.  If only 3 are present then hide all the ProgPro fields with CSS.  If 4 are delivered then you know that the threshold field was set to "yes", so you don't need to do anything special.