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ON24 On Demand Webinar Setup

Question asked by f523bdc5ef9b546d85e2aeb9dd5574db625fba42 on Mar 26, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 1, 2016 by Axel Baran
How do other ON24 users set up their programs for on-demand viewing once the webinar is complete? We are having trouble promoting the on-demand version of a past webinar becuase the sync between Marketo and ON24 recognizes that the webinar has already occurred and isn't adding new leads who register for the on-demand version. This is such a common use case - how do other companies set this up to work?


I had a webinar in January and used the same program as the live setup to house the on-demand registration page and smart campaigns to change member status to "Attended On-Demand." 

When leads filled out the form after the webinar date, they'd be changed to status "Attended On-Demand" and the form completion directs them to the audience link of ON24. This normally allows them to launch the presentation becuase they're cookied and show up in ON24 as registered for on-demand too because of the sync.

The Marketo portion is working correctly and test leads are showing up as expected with status "Attended On-Demand," but the sync with ON24 is not working and ON24 won't let them view the webinar. (It works for anyone who was previously registered for the live webinar because they're already in the system, but not net new registrants who are not already cookied and synced).

Marketo support has told me this is because the webinar is complete and shows Event Status: "Event Complete," so the two are no longer syncing at all. 

I tried a workaround of registering a test lead from the ON24 registration form, and those leads show up correctly in ON24 reporting and get to view the webinar as desired, but again they don't sync back to the Marketo program. I would like to avoid any manual list downloads/uploads between the two systems, but I don't see how we can sync to this completed webinar.

This is such a common use case - how do other companies set up the sync between the two systems to capture net new on-demand attendees after a webinar?