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    Support for Get Emails in the Asset Object REST API

      I'm trying to return data for Get Emails using the following;

          marketo_instance = "https://AAA-BBB-CCC.mktorest.com" 
          endpoint = "/asset/v1/emails.json"
          auth_token =  "?access_token=" + access_token
          maxreturn = "&maxReturn=20"
          offset = "&offset=0"

          request_url = marketo_instance + endpoint + auth_token + offset + maxreturn

          response = RestClient.get request_url

      I get the following error;

      `return!': 403 Forbidden (RestClient::Forbidden)

      I'm using http://developers.marketo.com/documentation/asset-api/get-emails to work out the reuqired fields, which are offset, maxreturn, and access_token.

      Could someone confrim if the following endpoint is live yet?


      The page says it was last updared in Dec 2014, despide the relase of the asset API being this month. Any help here would be excellent.