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Capturing "Other" Referrers for Web Page Visits in the Activity Log

Question asked by 9f506e5978fa2cc5e799aa0a009efcc521718b58 on Mar 26, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 27, 2015 by 9f506e5978fa2cc5e799aa0a009efcc521718b58
We have created mutliple smart campaigns that are listening to how leads are being directed to our site (Google Organic, Affiliate Partner, PR, etc.) via the "referrer url" within a "visit web page."  We have the campaigns set up to listen to specific urls in the "referrer url" that we know bring us lots of traffic. 

However, there will always be random outside sources that link to our site that we wont know ahead of time to listen to. We created a smart campaign with a trigger for "visit web page any" with operator  "does not contain google, cpc, techcrunch, etc" for Referrer. We also added the filter “Visited Web Page is Any” with the operator “Not Empty” for Referrer (in addition to the trigger campaign already there).  On the flow step there is a wait period of 10 minutes to make sure other referrer campaigns have a chance to tag a visit. (see picture below for campaign)

That should have eliminated web pages where the referrer is blank, but its still tagging visit web pages with blank referrers as "others." 

Has any one tried this and been successful? Or have an idea how to make sure the triggers connect the trigger and the filter so they look at the same link. We've thought about  using the add choice in a flow step but there are limitations with the add choice selectors (cannot say referrer is not empty).