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    Add Lead to SFDC Campaign

      If I have a Marketo program that has been synced to SFDC and then someone in Sales wants to add a person to the SFDC campaign which now exists in SFDC because of the sync will that Add to SFDC campaign eventually also add the person to the Marketo program with a Success status?
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          No it won't (unless you have an automated process). The way I understand it, you want to measure the success of a program in Marketo when a Sales rep adds a lead to a particular campaign in SFDC.

          Here's how you can do it:

          Step 1 - Create a Smart Campaign (eg: Success Status Adjustment)

          Step 2 - Go to the Smart list tab and you can use one of two things (or both). You can use a trigger called "Added to SFDC campaign", or you can use a filter called "Member of SFDC campaign". You should also put in a "Member of Program" filter so you know that the lead was influenced through this program.

          Step 3 - Go to the Flow tab and use the step titled "Change Program Success", select the Success attribute and set it to True

          Step 4 - Go to Schedule tab and Activate the campaign

          Step 5 - Relax...grab a snack or two. All that automation work takes a toll on you ;)

          Hope this helps!