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    Best Practices - Maternity Leave

    Brooke Lamb
      I was wondering if there were best practices for those automated responses saying that the lead is on Maternity Leave. Do you recommednd suspending them for a couple of months? Or leave them in the campaign? 

      If you do suspend them, what sort of campaigns have you set up?
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          It's an interesting question. I suppose it makes sense not to fill their inbox while they are away. 

          The execution of a "pause for n months" campaign is straightforward, but it would be a pretty manual process to identify these leads and put them into the campaign, which could be onerous depending on your list size.  

          If these are replies coming to sales reps, you could create a requestable campaign that they can activate via Sales Insight (if you use it). 

          SMART LIST
          Campaign is Requested, Source = Sales Insight

          Change Data Value - Marketing Suspended = True
          Wait, n months/days/etc/
          Change Data Value - Marketing Suspended = False

          If you wanted to be even more personalized you could try creating and having your reps populate a date field "Suspend Until Date" or something -- use the change data value on that field as a trigger, then use that field as the token in your wait step: 

          Wait until {{lead.suspend until date}}

          Then after you reactivate them, send a welcome back/congrats email when they return ;) 
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            Josh Hill
            You can use a Marketing Suspended campaign for anyone. Run a campaign:

            List=Soft Bounces
            Flow: Marketing Suspended=T
            wait X time
            Marketing Suspended=F
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              Except that, if it is an auto-response, I don't think they would be flagged as a soft bounce, no? 

              Because folks could set up an auto-response if they are out of the office for a day or a week but the email is still perfectly valid. 
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                Michelle Tiziani
                We mark them Marketing suspend.  On average, what we've seen are people going on maternity leave or extended leave for at least 3 months, some from Europe for 6 months, this is based on the autoresponse messages.  If they don't tell us when they'll be back in the office, we keep them marketing suspended for 3 months.  We have campaigns that reverse their marketing status each month.  If they come back to work mid-month, we reverse marketing suspend for the following month.