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Engagement Program Best Practice/Tips

Question asked by Mikes Jones on Mar 24, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 17, 2015 by 548d3dd804dfeeadf4d3d571d1519d133d5b1137
Hello Marketo Community,

I'm in the midst of setting up some pretty big engagmenet programs for my company and wanted to iron out some best practices and advice from the community.

I was watching this seminar that Marketo had posted called "How To Take Intelligent Lead Nurturing to the Next Level" and noticed that Edward Unthank recommended using individual programs for each email. Is this common and is it highly recommended?

Currently I have an engagement program setup with 14 streams, each stream contains an individual email. Once the lead is added to the first stream, they receive that email and are then pulled into the next stream, which contains the next email. The transition rule has a "Wait 10 days" flow set up, so after delivering email 1 the lead must wait 10 days before being pulled into the next stream, and this continues over and over again.

From that explanation (and I can definitely clairfy further), do you think its a good setup? Is there a better way to set up 14 emails in a nurture stream(s) that allows for a "10 day" wait period between emails? Would programs help in this matter? Also, there's a high chance that new emails/content will be added in the future.

Thanks, also any other tips/tricks/recommendations for setting up engagement programs would be helpful.