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deleting leads with GoToWebinar integration

Question asked by 43706 on Mar 11, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 13, 2015 by 471e3d3d668f189eca6e88c6c438c66a5fb8ab61
Hi everyone,

We have a partner that promotes our webinars. As part of our agreement, we can market to and call only those that opt-in to our email newsletter or were already in our database before they signed up for the webinar. 

We've been routing the leads to our marketing user in Salesforce that don't opt-in to our email newsletter and weren't already in our database and marketing them as do not call, do not email. The problem is, we have LeanData routing set up, so a lot of the leads end up getting routed to sales reps, and then there's confusion when a rep gets a new lead they can't call or email. 

The webinars are hosted through GoToWebinar, which is integrated to Marketo. 

We thought about deleting the leads in Marketo before they reach Salesforce, but I'm concerned since its an integration with GoToWebinar, that those leads will just continue to come back from GTW to Marketo, and then to Salesforce or that it might mess up the webinar program in some other way I'm not thinking about. 

Does anyone have suggestions and/or thoughts on how to get this done without unintended consequences?