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    how to show opportunities created from email opens?

    Sarah Mayer
      Is there a report to show if/when an opportunity is created after a Lead is sent or has opened an email? Trying to get some ROI on our email campaigns.

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          Josh Hill
          not really...do you have RCE?

          If you do, you can look at Program Opp Analysis and make some reasoned arguments that X program influenced X# of opps or $X of revenue.

          But if you want to trace an opp to a single email open, that will be very hard.
          • first, email opens are not reliable, so you'd be excluding most of the people who get email. most orgs block image loading.
          • second, clicks are better because they are a more active behavior.
          • if you did try to trace this back, you'd also need some sort of way to stamp the lead as Opened. While Marketo does this, to trace it back to Opps, you'd also have to set Opened=Success on your Program and maybe even stamp the Lead Open Activity (new field) to do this.
          • you can use RCE to say First Touch Program = Success= Opened and then say # of opps that directly were from an Open. I'd say that is unreliable and would be a small # of Opps. I could be wrong for your audience, but that's what I'd expect.