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    trigger.Web Page does not work

    Nate Oosterhouse
      Hello all,

      Situation: We have a contact us form that us used multiple times on our across our website with the same form ID.  It is used on external web pages.  We want to be able to drag a token into an alert to specify what webpage the form was filled out on so sales reps can know. 

      Problem: We have tried:
      1. To use the {{trigger.Web Page}} to populate a field.  This field we then tried to use as a token in a web alert.  This did nothing.
      2. To just use the {{trigger.Web Page}} in an alert.  This did nothing.  
      1. Does anyone know how to accomplish this when dealing with external web pages?  I can't seem to figure this out.  
      2. Is there anything already built in Marketo that allows you to do this?
      3. Is there anyway to do this without code?
      4. If you need to use code, could someone provide how to do that?
      Thanks everyone!