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Adding a Custom Object Field as Smart List/Trigger Constraint Without Dismantling Lists

Question asked by c878234a9147e12ec144bea28c982c0d424e3557 on Mar 10, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 11, 2015 by Josh Hill
Here's my situation:

1. We added a new field on a custom object in Salesforce. We want to use this field as a constraint within Marketo.
2. We already use other fields on this same custom object as constraints in existing Marketo smart lists and smart campaigns.
3. The documentation from Marketo on how to add custom object fields as a smart list / trigger constraint says, "If the Edit Visible Fields button is greyed out, the object is currently in use in a smart list or smart campaign. Remove all associations to proceed." Are you kidding me?

We want to make a simple non-destructive change to our meta data. Is Marketo serious that we need to basically dismantle any reference to our custom object across all our existing smart campaigns and smart lists that reference this object, simply to be able to add, in a non-destructive way, a new field to that existing custom object as a constraint or trigger?

This seems completely impractical at any sort of scale. It cannot possibly be a good idea to have to change existing programs simply to accommodate a non-desctructive meta data addition like this. Can you imagine if in Salesforce we had to delete all our page layouts simply to add a new custom field? Nuts.

Is there an existing Idea to address this behavior, or is there some commonly understood workaround to this behavior that others follow?

In short, my goal is to be able to add a new field to a custom object in Salesforce, and be able to add that new field for use in Marketo, and not have to rebuild all my existing Marketo smart lists and smart campaigns that reference the custom object -- which is what I currently have to do because to be able to add the field in the object sync admin screen, I am first required to remove any references to the object from my lists and campaigns, or it will not let me edit the visible fields.