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Convert program to engagement program

Question asked by 06be053d33a5ed181782b962a8034bc35dfb6a3e on Mar 10, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 11, 2015 by 06be053d33a5ed181782b962a8034bc35dfb6a3e
Hi all,

We have a roadshow event program set up in Marketo that has members in various statuses from invited to registered.  As the event comes closer and speakers and sessions are finalized, we have sent out several emails to our DB promoting the event (with many list suppressions that vary from week to week due to communication limits and other campaigns).

Mid way through this promotional period, I've come to the realization that it would be MUCH easier for this program to be an engagement program.  There is about another month and a half of promotion left, so I would like to save myself some trouble and turn it into an engagement program.The program could manage each event update email and send people, when they're free to be sent to, the next email in the chain that they have not received.

So my questions are these: is there a way to easily transfer my program into a 1-stream engagement program?  I don't feel confident in just dragging and dropping the program directly into the stream. And I don't want to have to clone and re-set up everything.  But, if I do clone and re-set up the program, will the engagement program know what emails people have already received?  How can I keep people with the correct status (Registered, Pre-registered, Invited) if I don't want to add those statuses permanently to the engagement program?  Would it be better to just stick out using individual smart campaigns for each week's send?

Thank you very much in advance!