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Multiple Emails and mapping fields

Question asked by 32d5701250ee5ef93034e750ee4f42d7ba8bc9cb on Mar 10, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 10, 2015 by Josh Hill
We are a higher education institution and we use Marketo/Salesforce for the recruitment of prospective students.  We are finding that many prospective students when filling forms out on our website, are using their college issued email causing duplicates in our database.  Is there a way to map a college issued email to a specified field, but still match to a lead? Or do we have to do this as a manual merge process? 

Also, when we send email campaigns, is there a way to include all of a leads email addresses?  We want to be sure to send an email to all of a leads addresses as we have also found that students are using more than one email address.