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GET Lead Activities API

Question asked by 81576 on Mar 9, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 16, 2015 by 53504
Hi,  We are using Marketo REST APIs in order to get lead activities. On the first step we are using "GET Activity Type API"  In order to find the activity_type_id and the attributes of each. Then, we are using "GET Paging Token API" in order to get nextPageToken (which is mandatory parameter in "GET Lead Activities API") Finally, we are using "GET Lead Activities API" and  sending a request including the nextPageToken and the relevant activity_type_id.  For example (request for Get Lead Activity API) :  There are some activity types (looks like activity type id above 38) that returns response as following (example):   {"requestId":"9a5a#14be3933a56","success":true,"nextPageToken":"WQV2VQVPPCKHC6AQYVK7JDSA3KAHI6PT4KCUMBA4LHTP6JLRRLPQ====", "moreResult":true}  It looks like there should be a results,moreover, it looks like there are more results (morResults attribute is true) . However, there is no "result" attribute in the response.  Can you please advise?  Thanks, Shiran