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Email deleted out of SFDC

Question asked by c5912401a9577837c2ea745736dc3e5eecc92aee on Mar 6, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 17, 2015 by Cricket Noyes
Hi All,

My Marketo sync user in SFDC has some sharing rules in place that restricts records without an "@" symbol in their email address from syncing with our Marketo instance. However, the problem that I run into is when a records syncs to Marketo and then sometime down the road a sales rep deletes the email out of salesforce. This causes the sync to break, and the record not to be updated in Marketo. This seems to happen when a record leaves a company and the email gets deleted.

Any suggestions on how to manage this? I can remind the sales rep not to do that, but curious if anyone has experienced this or something similar and how you managed it.