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    CallRail integration with Marketo

    Chris Thomas

      I was wondering if anyone has experience in integrating Callrail with Marketo.

      We are looking for a way to associate Callrail tracked data back into Marketo and attribute it to Leads and those Leads to specific PPC campagins or the like through some sort of automatic integration.

      If you are doing this but not using Callrail, which tool are you using and how is the integration with Marketo handled?

      Any information that could be provided would be extremely helpful.  We are trying to close some reporting gaps and make this data more actionable. 



        • Re: CallRail integration with Marketo
          You might be able to use services like
          but last I checked
          Zapier have Callrail connector but no Marketo connector

          ItDuzzit have Marketo connector but no Callrail connector.

          So you might need some custom 'piping' related code to be created.

          Hope this helps