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    What's the best way to test the timing of a sales outreach email?

      I've been asked to send out sales outreach emails a lot earlier in the lead cycle. Questions:

      I'd love to test this - for group A, send out 3 days after first engagement and for group B, send out after 2-3 months of nurturing. 

      I'm curious what you've found in your testing?
      Or did you come to the conclusion that its okay to do two outreaches?
      Also what's the best way to segment control vs. test group, e.g. divide up by last name starts with a-m, n-z?

      Also lmk what industry you're in.
      Thank you!
        • Re: What's the best way to test the timing of a sales outreach email?
          Our analysis shows that leads that engage with us do so within 5 days of registering, then there is a really long tail. We just implemented a nurture program sent from the lead owners, still sharing content and tips, but always with a secondary CTA to reply directly.

          You can just run a qualifier program and to route X% into your A program and Y% into the B program with an Add-to-Program flow step with an additional IF Random X(%) add to Program A, Else add to B or nurture program (or do nothing).

          You might want to also try delaying the nurture program to after the initial sales outreach, then doing another sales outreach after per usual. If they didn't bite on the first outreach, they certainly won't remember it.

          Our customers are tech/app developers.