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Higher Ed Marketo User - Lead Storage

Question asked by 60fb6f407d700484cea9af41a15d881744a41bd0 on Mar 5, 2015
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What do you do to keep your lead data base healthy? I think we have a lot of leads stored in Marketo that don't need to be there.  We're in the midst of trying to decide how to trim down the storage of these leads in Marketo.    We've come up with a few ideas that have their pros and cons.  I would love to hear your experience or what you do.
Do you...
- Take out leads who do not have an email address.  Our issue with this one is you lose any Marketo tracking you have on these leads.  If they should have their account updated and have email address added then we wouldn't have any behaviour informaiton on these leads.  
- Suppress leads from SFDC to Marketo who don't have an email address
- At what point do you close out a lead and remove them from Marketo all together?
- Do you do nothing and just pay for the extra lead storage?