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    Taking different actions depending on form values submitted

      Hi There,

      I have a subscription form that changes a lead's data value for each given email segment (updates, blog, etc). pretty straightforward, just simple checkboxes for each subscription type and it sends off an email letting the lead know that they changed their settings.

      That works fine, but what I want to do is also have a secondary set of actions that occur if the lead unsubscribes from everything- that adds them to our block list and sends them a "you unsubscribed" email and NOT the "you changed your subscription" email.

      This is probably on the easy side but I want to get a definitive answer to make sure everything works.

      So it's:

      Lead changes subscription settings > send "you changed your subscripion" email, change values, do nothing else.

      Lead unsubscribes from all > send "you have unsubscribed" email, change values, also unsubscribed data value = true.

      Could someone please provide precise logic for making this unsubscribe action occur, while making sure that the "you changed your subscription" email doesn't go out? I need it to be bulletproof so I would rather defer to the experts instead of piecing things together myself. Thanks!