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554 5.4.5 internal Delivery not attempted message expired

Question asked by 02b7052e64d07ebbd6256ffba625c36f7126fc22 on Mar 3, 2015
Latest reply on May 20, 2015 by 7c13f181df04f4e0714b281c692a20f50bfa45a9
I deployed an email campaign last week and received the below soft bounce error message for about 60 leads this campaign was deployed to:

554 5.4.5 [internal] Delivery not attempted (message expired)

These 60 leads are comprised of clients at two different firms. We have successfully been able to email them in the past, so I am not sure why they bounced for this specific email. Can someone decypher
what this error message is saying and why these leads bounced?

I found this article that looks like it might be Network Congestion:

Does this just mean at the day/time I sent these campaigns, these firms were experiencing "congestion" for that 36 hour period? If so, is there any best practices on how to avoid this and should I attempt to resend them this campaign?