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    how to track from which URL form was filled

    Hossein Jalali
      We have a specific form that is used on over 1000 pages. Each page lists a property (as this is used for a Real Estate website), How can we:

      1. Find out from which URL was the form filled out?
      2. Associate a unique ID to the user (this is the property ID)?

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          Nicholas Frank
          1. We set up a "Change Data Value" flow step after a form is submitted that changes the orignating web page attribute in the step. The new value becomes "http://{{trigger.web page}}". We then also send an alert to the lead owner which populates this field as a token.

          2. You could create a new field for this Property ID, and then associate it as a hidden field on the form, populated to the corresponding ID, depdnding on which page the form resides.