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    Request a landing page as the lead, without being the lead

      I am trying to create a landing page that will be personalized to the Lead, and also, specific to the program status of that lead within a program. I want my inside sales rep to be able to click a link in Salesforce to access this landing page, and see the landing page as the lead would see it (i.e. personalized to that specific lead and that lead's program status). I would turn off Munchkin I guess so my Inside Sales rep is not cookied as the lead. I am essentially abusing the landing page as a call scripting tool for my Inside Sales rep, leveraging the strengths of Marketo to create personalized content within the LP specific to a lead based on the Lead's segmentation or other such things. 

      Any ideas on how to achieve this? 

      I thought one Idea would be to turn on PURLs for my Landing Page, but I want to avoid having to manually export the PURLs list to get the Marketo Unique Code that would be needed. Since I am going to the URL from Salesforce I need to know what the Marketo Unique Code is in Salesforce. I suppose maybe I could get this info and update the Lead record from a Smart Campaign with it ... does Marketo expose the marketo unique code and could I stuff it into a custom Lead field if I wanted to? 
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          Josh Hill
          Can you describe more about your motivations for doing this? Are you using segmentations for personalization or RTP?

          Yes, you can pull out the lead id in marketo and pass it to SFDC. This won't necessarily show the page as the lead would see it .

          I'm not sure you can easily display the exact page to the sales rep this way. Check developers.marketo.com.
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            The rationale behind this request is to try to take advantage of Marketo's landing page and form strengths to display a call script that an inside sales rep could use. When you think of an outbound prospecting call it is serving a similar purpose to an inbound landing page -- i.e. convincing the prospect to commit to take the next step (i.e. convert). Marketo does not do a very good job dealing with outbound cold call prospecting campaigns, so our thought is to make our outbound cold call camaigns look more like something Marketo deals with well, such as landing pages. This allows us to leverage the existing capabilities in Marketo such as A/B testing different "call scripts" (landing page) to pick winners, allowing rep to quickly enter data about a lead gleaned in response to the call, allowing less-technical users to easily modify the script (landing page), automatically displaying different content snippets in the "call script" (landing page) based on lead segmentation by industry or other lead criteria (e.g. technology type or geography), tying specific call scripts to a lead's program status, and more. 

            Perhaps we should look at RTP or another API but at that point we're rolling our own inside our CMS rather than utilizng the native tools of Marketo which is the goal we had in mind for this exercise. 
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              Angus, this is an interesting use case and a clever way to do some dynamic call scripting. 

              I'm not certain, but I am wondering if you passed an email or ID into the URL then do an API call using that parameter as the key, and then somehow trigger the correct segment. I would check out the APIs as Josh suggested to see if it's possible. 

              If you manage to get it working I'd be interested to know!