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    Are you using the Calendar to Manage your Marketing Team

      Hi All

      I was just wondering if you like using the Marketo Calendar to manage your Marketing Events.  I am finding it a little difficult to navigate through and feel like even though I have read through the deep dives, I am missing something.  I am getting stuck trying to add to the calendar things that are not in Marketo and it is not letting me. I would love to hear what are you thoughts around using this tool?

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          Michelle Tiziani
          I use the Marketo calendar quite a bit to get an idea of what campaigns are scheduled, and I tend to adjust the schedule when there are multiple emails going out in one day, and some at the same time.  I wish there was an option that would alert you if 2 email campaigns are being scheduled at the same time on the same day.  A few of my colleagues don't particularly like it because it's not easy for them to view, so they don't really use it, but they never really took the time to play with the Marketo calendar either.  We use Google calendar in our marketing department more because we can share it with our business development team, and it's easier to look at a glance.  

          We've changed calendars a few times and we seem to keep going back to it.   
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            Jenn DiMaria
            Hi Mary!

            I've recently transitioned to using only the Marketo Calendar for keeping track of my campaigns. It's been much easier to keep all the details in one place. Plus, with all the software products we offer, it's nice to have the advanced filtering to make sure we constantly have campaigns going out for each product within specific regions. So if my boss comes to me and says, "Have we sent out any press about PRODUCT X in the UK lately?" I can just go into the Calendar and filter by Location = UK, Type = Press, and Product = X. It's so simple compared to sorting through our project planning lists and Google calendars.

            I, too, had problems adding non-Marketo items to the calendar. I'm still having a bit of a problem understanding the logic (ie: the part where you have to click on a campaign, then Program Focus on the event, then add the new item, which is then attributed to the original campaign you clicked on - it doesn't make sense to me).

            That said, I'm enjoying the rest of the functionality and look forward to seeing where Marketo goes with it in the future.