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Google Tag Manager and Munchkin Code question

Question asked by Mikes Jones on Feb 26, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 16, 2018 by Sanford Whiteman

So we've been having issues lately with other domains stealing our Munchkin Code. It seems as though a couple of domains had stolen our skin.js from our source code and deployed it on their website, inadvertantly taking our Munchkin Code as a result. Because of this, our analytics and reporting was all out of loop, filled with websites and data that we didnt' really care for.

So this leads me to Googel Tag Manager. The way GTM works, you use a "firing" rule to tell the tag exactly which pages to deploy the tag, in this case we could control specifically where the GTM tag is being called without having to worry about another domain stealing our code (in the future, it won't effect those who already have our code).

So I guess that leads me to my question - is this a recommended solution to prevent future domains/webmasters from snatching our Munchkin Code? We've talked to a few Marketo support specialists concerning this stolen munchkin issue but no one has been able to give us a conclusive answer. We've been suffering from broken analytics and reporting since last November and would really like to get back on track moving forward.