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    Diminishing Lead Score

      Hello all,

      I am new to Marketo and have been tasked with setting up a lead scoring campaign for Marketo Sales Insight. I walked through the scoring exercise outlined here. The smart campaigns are setup to run leads through them every time (no limit) a task is completed (open an email/visit a webpage).

      Once a lead acheives a score of 6 or higher over time, it will be assigned to the highest level sales rep in my organization. That said, at some point, every lead will tip over this 6 point mark and the sales rep will receive a large amount of leads/tasks for follow up - at an ever increasing pace.

      To combat this, I thought deducting lead score might be key. Is there a way to set the lead score to zero out (or reset) after x number of days? Or perhaps assign negative points every x number of days without activity?

      I've looked through the topics on lead scoring and I don't see anything related to this.

      Any advice or insight you can offer is appreciated.

      Thanks everyone!