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    Marketo SEO reporting site indexing issues that Google isn't?

    Joe Reitz
      I noticed in the SEO module, it states that our website's homepage is being indexed twice (which Marketo highlights as a "high impact" issue that should be addressed ASAP)... both the standard www.domain.com and www.domain.com/index.php. The trouble is, when I search "site:www.domain.com/index.php," I get a file not found. Our SEO partner said this isn't an issue, but I still don't understand how Marketo could be picking up this info and not Google/Bing/etc.

      So my question is... Should I be concerned? Has anyone else had a similar issue?
        • Re: Marketo SEO reporting site indexing issues that Google isn't?
          Alok Ramsisaria
          Hi Joe

          Both of your website URLs http://www.stanleysecuritysolutions.com/index.php and  http://www.stanleysecuritysolutions.com/ are working. But like you said http://www.stanleysecuritysolutions.com/index.php is not searchable on Google (which is recommended from SEO point of view). Here is what I suggest you:

          1. Check whether http://www.stanleysecuritysolutions.com/index.php has been fed inside webmaster for blocking it from appearing in search results
          2. To resolve the Marketo issue, you can try setting 301 redirect from http://www.stanleysecuritysolutions.com/index.php to http://www.stanleysecuritysolutions.com

          Best Regards