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Getting Webinar Details through API

Question asked by Vlada Prasolova on Feb 25, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 26, 2015 by Vlada Prasolova
We are using Marketo and GWT adaptor to hold our external webinars.
We used to announce our upcoming webinars via blogs and social media by posting a link to marketo webinar registration page
But not we would like to change this process and create some kind of auto process when the information about the webinar once it's set up is being taken from Marketo via API and passed to our web-site (and twitter) to be shown to the revelant audience 

Basically, what we need, is standart Webinar Date, Webinar Name, Webinar Time, Webinar Speaker, Webinar registration link, etc. - all fields that are synced from GTW to Marketo and visa versa.

We know where this info is stored in GTW and how to get it through API, but as the registration to the webinar is actually happening on Marketo's side, we need to know where it's stored in Marketo and how we can get it through API as well