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Duplicates created on sync

Question asked by 24b2e5ee00560fce3a9866a8c77c01be258ae527 on Feb 24, 2015
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Wondering if anyone has ever created a solution for this.. We run a freemium SAAS model, and are migrating to Marketo from Pardot. The registration process changed quite a bit in the switch, but I just ran into something that I did not expect because it worked great in Pardot... When a lead first starts our registration process, we add them into Marketo (or Pardot).. this is before they fill out the form we're able to write them (just with email address though, it's all we have access to) to Marketo, and once they fill out the form we write a new account to SFDC and attach a contact, and then sync back to Marketo. 

In Pardot, this process worked just fine, Pardot recognized the email address and just appended new data to the file. Marketo creates a new record altogether. :( 

I talked to support and they said that the problem is creating the same record in two different places, I either have to sync the record to SFDC upon the first step (I tried this, it created a new lead file, and when our system wrote the new account/contact file, it still created a duplicate, just in different objects), or just create it out of SFDC from the get-go. 

I'm worried that creating it in SFDC from the begining will cause a problem with the tracking of the lead, that's my primary concern. But I thought I'd throw the question out there  - has anyone else encountered this problem and solved it?