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    REST Question - Get Multiple Leads by Filter - What Filter Types Supported?

      Hi all, 

      My developer is attempting to use the "Get Multiple Leads by Filter Type" REST API (http://developers.marketo.com/documentation/rest/get-multiple-leads-by-filter-type) with a custom date field as a filter. 

      Here is the call: 

      curl 'https://[our_id].mktorest.com/rest/v1/leads.json?filterType=updated_date&filterValues="2015-02-23"&access_token=[our_token]'

      Here is the response: 

      {"requestId":"98f5#14bbd3fcf34","success":false,"errors":[{"code":"1011","message":"Lookup field 'updated_date' not supported"}]}

      The error message doesn't give a lot of context. Is it that a date field is not a valid filter type for this call? 

      What custom field types are supported? The docs are vague on this point.