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Long delay between Marketo and SFDC?

Question asked by b7b425252d30f788a7b6d2f18d86508815ce072e on Feb 24, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 16, 2016 by 78b5a29f15de1785a56c1b65a238610c008a28c6
I have our Marketo support person on this as well but I'm posting this to see if anyone else has experienced this with their SFDC/Marketo sync.

Around 3 days ago our Marketo/SFDC sync either completely stopped working or is on a mutliple day delay and as far as I know nothing has changed on either end. It's set to sync via the program/campaign sync function on the program setup level in Marketo which has worked for as long as I can remember until now. Marketo says our sync is set up properly and the campaign/program statuses match, so they're still searching. Spot checking some other leads it looks like some of our website leads for example are downloading an asset but then not being added to the campaign until 2-3 days later.

If I manually run a flow step to "add to sfdc campaign" it works fine, but I've never had to do this before. 

Anyone ever experience this?