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Updating leads information with Excel spreadsheet?

Question asked by 76088 on Feb 20, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 20, 2015 by Josh Hill

Dear community.
                        First of all, pardon my English. I have a question regarding updating leads information in Marketo. We were rushed to send an email so we had to import a "dirty" list and send the email using that list, so new leads were created but with errors in "First Name " and "Last Name" fields. 

                        We have made changes and fix errors in the list, but I have the changes in an excel document, is there a way I can Massivly change first and last name from the leads I have already uploaded? I thought of downloading the current data base and adding "ID" column to the list that has the changes and try something like uploadin the list again and somehow magically Marketo will recognize the changes. So you can imagine how lost I am, can anyone give me a hand with this?

Pablo López Carrara