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Delete a domain alias

Question asked by Trish Voskovitch on Mar 19, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 20, 2015 by Trish Voskovitch
i created a domain alias to see how it worked but how do i delete it now? i can actually only see it exists when i get to redirect rule area.

where else can you see all your domains so you can delete ones you need to delete? 

2nd part of question:
i created the test domain alias to see if when i created a new landing page i would have option of choosing that domain as my LP URL. but seems landing pages default to the main CNAME domain.
so is only purpose of a domain alias so you can use that domain in print or when you spell out the actual URL? they just redirect to main domain so your visitors see the main domain in browser URL field anyway.
i thought maybe i create the landing page and then go back into "edit URL settings" but that doesn't work either.
so not really sure why you need aliases at all if you aren't putting urls in print or spelling them out anywhere (we jsut have as links in emails and from our website but the urls themselves behind buttons and text)

we have 2 product lines so hoping i could create landing pages with URL using product A domain and other landing pages using URL product B domain but looks like not.