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    SFDC/MSI sync error

    Jason Hamilton
      I have a situation where interesting moments have been created in the past in Marketo, but MSI is not installed in SFDC, so everytime MKTO tries to sync a record that has an interesting moment with SFDC, there is a sync error because the field does not exist in SFDC.
      The error is
      INVALID_FIELD: No such column 'mkto_si__Last_Interesting_Moment_Date__c' on entity 'Lead'. 

      The SFDC group is very hesitant to install the MSI package so that is not really an option to solve this issue.  
      My question is, what are my options to stop the sync errors from happening.
      • Is it possible to clear interesting moment fields in MKTO? (I do not think so)
      • If I have Marketo remove the sales insight package from Marketo, will it remove the associated fields from the lead DB, or will they stay behind
      • If I have the SFDC group create those fields manually in SFDC without installing the MSI package, will that potentially solve the problem?
      Any help or insight would be appreciated.

        • Re: SFDC/MSI sync error
          That is a tricky one. 

          I suspect creating the fields manually in SFDC could help resolve the issue at least in terms of the error messages. 

          I would also ask support for guidance. 

          Then buy your SFDC admins something nice for their birthdays so they consider installing MSI for you :) 
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          • Re: SFDC/MSI sync error
            Jep Castelein
            Hi Jason, Marketo Support can disable field sync for selected fields in the back-end. Just open a ticket and they can take care of it. They may also have alternate solutions for this issue (I've seen the issue several times before). 
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