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Subscription Management Tutorial?

Question asked by 66366 on Feb 19, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 29, 2016 by e066f80bf6f111e6b01c2143e69f6fb89db44791
I've been using the following article to build a subscription management process for our firm:

So far, I've added several "Email Opt-in" fields to our contact and lead objects in SFDC and these have flowed into our Marketo instance.  My current roadblock is the building of the landing page.  Ideally, I would like to build something similiar to the following:  Can this be done withing Marketo?

The article I mentioned above gives the following three options.  Are there any step-by-step tutorials that cover doing a subscription management page using any of the approaches below?

Option 1: Create landing pages in Marketo using the Marketo landing page editor. If you create these pages in Marketo, using the Marketo landing page editor you will have limited design freedom. This video shows how to create a subscription center form and landing page in Marketo using the landing page editor:

Option 2: Have a developer create the landing pages in Marketo. To create a subscription center page in Marketo with more extensive design modifications, you will need to have a developer create the page using HTML, CSS, and Javascript to make the page look as you would like it to look. 

Option 3: Use non-Marketo landing pages.

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