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    Custom field for counting open opportunities

      Hi all,
      We have created a custom field in SFDC that counts open opportunities past Stage 1, to pause them in the engagement program. However, for whatever reason, Marketo is counting all opportunities, including old Closed Lost opportunities, and not updating to match the count in SFDC.  SFDC shows the field as 0, Marketo shows it as 1.  Any suggestions on how we can remedy this? The issue with "has opportunity" is that sometimes the contact isn't necessarily associated directly with the opportunity, and we want to pause everyone from said company from getting nurture emails. Suggestions?
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          Grant Booth

          Hi Michelle,

          Could you further describe the structure of the field in SFDC? Marketo should just be pulling the value from the field in SFDC whenever it updates. What is it's field type?

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            Hi Grant,
            It's set up as a count. It SHOULD be pulling from sfdc when it updates, but it's not, that's my issue.  I've already logged a support ticket but no luck as of yet.
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              Josh Hill
              In SFDC, how is the data being put in there? Is it a trigger when the Opp is created and the Lead is assoc with that Opp?
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                Jep Castelein
                Maybe it's a formula field on the Contact or Account that pulls data from the Opportunities? In that case, Marketo will not pull changes to the field, because the Contact/Account doesn't change. If you chance it to a workflow, whenever the count changes, the Contact/Account record changes too and Marketo will get the update. 

                If that's not the case, please specify: 
                • The SFDC object the custom field is on
                • The SFDC field type of the custom field
                • The way the custom field is being populated with the count in SFDC (formula, workflow, custom trigger)
                • What triggers an update of the field (Opportunity stage change?)
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                  We did manage to get this resolved with the help of our friendly neighbourhood Marketo support -- here's what the issue was:

                  Sounds like this is a formula/calculated field. If that's the case, this is the reason why Marketo didn't detect the change. You can add a SFDC boolean custom field to the Account Object such that every time "Number of Opportunity Archive Pause" updates, it will also update this boolean field (if the boolean field is false => set it to true. If the boolean field is true => set it to false). If you create this new account boolean field in SFDC and flip it to true initially, it will force the account object to resync to marketo. 

                  And a related community discussion that talks about this: