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    Tokens in Event Programs

    James Glavin

      Hi there,

      I wonder if someone would be willing to share the way that they set up event programs, particularly use of program tokens. As a relatively new user of Marketo (not sure how long I can keep saying that!) I'm trying to wrap my head around the best way to set our various event programs up. 

      We run a series of live events which all have a very similar structure, and so my hope is to set up one program, which I can then clone for all other events. Through the use of tokens, all assets should be tailored to that specific event. The assets would include a landing page with RSVP form, various invite, follow-up and reminder emails and their associated smart campaigns. 

      I've read the various articles in the community on tokens, and I'm still not 100% on how it all works. It may be I just have to dive in and learn through trial and error, but if anyone can share their experience or point me in the direction of resources they've found helpful, I'd be very appreciative.



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          Josh Hill
          You want to break down your event into blocks of text:
          • Title of Event
          • Headline
          • Subheader
          • Event Date
          • Event Time
          • Event Day of week
          • Event Calendar Text
          • Event Details (your blurb)
          • Event Hosts (if needed)
          • Event Subject Line(s)
          • Registration URL
          • Reminder Subject Line
          • Thank You Subject Line
          It's up to you if you use Text or Rich text tokens here. I tend to use Text and format things on the Page and Email itself.

          When you setup the assets, you use the tokens in the places you would normally place that item. Format the token in the way you want the text to appear to the lead. Rich Text tokens override any formatting on the asset. So if you want all sorts of separate formatting, you need to tokenize that block.
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            James Glavin
            Thanks Josh, for the thorough response! Where would I set these tokens up? We have a folder which holds all our event programs - do I set the tokens up at the parent folder level, or at the program level?
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              Hey James. Josh's breakdown is a great way to get started.

              If you want a real-life example, I'm happy to show you inside the webinar program template we use at ClearFit. Email me at justin@clearfit.com and I can do a quick share. 
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                James Glavin
                Wow, thanks Justin - emailing you now!
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                  Dan Stevens
                  Tokens that are only for that specific event would be setup at the program level. Any common tokens that are the same across all programs (or even most programs) can be setup at the folder level. The folder level token will be inherited by each program. You can also override those by modifying the inherited token directly within the program.
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                    Hi James - 

                    I'm doing similar as Josh but I went a bit more grandular and created a "template" - and just clone it and update my tokens for every new webinar vs. updating 4 email invites, 2 reminder emails, 2 post webinar emails, 1 ondemand invite and all the landing pages, etc. 

                    One thing I did add this summer and have seen a 40% increase in registrations is a check box "I'm unable to attend but would like to recieve the recording"  (I filter the reminder emails and confirmation emails for these and they get the recording 3 weeks before I release to the public). 

                    Here is my list of tokens: 

                    Webinar Bullets 
                    Webinar Calendar
                    Webinar Closing Copy
                    Webinar Date
                    Webinar Description
                    Webinar Duration
                    Webinar Email Banner
                    Webinar From
                    Webinar From/Reply Email
                    Webinar LP Banner
                    Webinar Regionalized Footer
                    Webinar Speaker 1
                    Webinar Speaker 1 Picture
                    Webinar Speaker 1 Title
                    Webinar Speaker 2 
                    Webinar Speaker 2 Picture
                    Webinar Speaker 2 Title
                    Webinar Sub Title 
                    Webinar Time 1
                    Webinar Time 2
                    Webinar Title
                    Webinar RecordingURL
                    Webinar Reg URL
                    Webinar Video URL 

                    I know it seems like a lot but I"m able to use them in multiple different ways and orders and I only have to update one place vs. updating every single email and landing page. I am happy to show you my "template" and give you a tour of my Marketo as well - just give me a shout melissa.davies@sli-systems.com

                    Good luck! 

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                      James Glavin
                      Thank you so much for all your responses - it's been very helpful! I'm going to dive in to this today, so I may be back with more questions!