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Leads not being assigned correctly showing up as Marketing as Owner

Question asked by ba82495a2c5925f2c89c303b15f8c9df9e7a2a41 on Mar 19, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 20, 2015 by ba82495a2c5925f2c89c303b15f8c9df9e7a2a41
We're having trouble with leads not being assigned correctly in SFDC. We have our campaigns set up so that as someone fills out a form the leads should be assigned based on the Auto Assignment Rules in SFDC. Most, if not all are still however being assigned with Marketing being the lead owner.

1) We are no longer using Web2Lead forms at all but it is still enabled and has Marketing as the default lead creator. Any thoughts as to the possibility that this could be the culprit?

2) If #1 is not the culprit, any thoughts as to why this could be happening? I've reviewed our lead assignment rules and Marketing isn't anywhere in them.

Thanks for any thoughts someone may have.