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How do you capture and display the last lead activity so sales knows what caused them to become a MQL?

Question asked by 7f3ecac12d2b6ee659f018b1204a6acb1e62bb2f on Mar 19, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 20, 2015 by 7f3ecac12d2b6ee659f018b1204a6acb1e62bb2f
When we have an MQL, we set the last Interesting Moment to identify this milestone, but sales wants to see the very last touch that qualified them as MQL. I know they can look this up in the IM history of SFDC, but our email alert displays the Last IM that sales uses to follow up immediately or to wait when they have the time. What do you do to address this? Is there any way to add the last activity (opened/clicked email, filled out form, multiple website visits, etc.) to the email?