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    Email Displaying Weird

      So I have a custom email template and I uploaded it as an email template (everything looks great!) 

      But when I try and use the Email template on an email (New Asset > Email > Select the template) 

      When it opens it's like its displaying as if it's pushing content down (almost like it wants to go responsive). From what I can tell it's because it's pulling in the template with an iFrame so it might be messing with the style classes. When I send myself a sample it looks great. And All my tests in Litmus look good as well. But it's REALLY annoying editing this email with blocks of content NOT where they should be. >_< I'm thinking it has something to do with a padding values or the iframe. 

      Any thoughts? When i import the HTML into just a new email it looks fine. But when I use it as a template it looks weird when I try to go in and edit that email  :( 

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          Josh Hill
          The editor has some issues if CSS or javascript gets involved, so you may be right about the iframe or something.
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            Thanks for confirming Josh, 

            I'm not worried about it. It's just makes Editing the email a little weird. No doubt staff will ask me why it's all weird. But the output looks fine. 

            Oh well.. Life goed on.

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              Nathan Allison
              I rarely do actual editing in the Marketo email editor because of styling and code glitches like this.  Instead I opt for using http://jsbin.com/ to fine tune my code first, then I just paste it into a new email using the "blank" template and save it. It's generally much cleaner.
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                @Nate Thats a really cool tool. I've never seen that. I noramly just use Sublime Or Adobe Bracks for my text editor. i'll have to look into that. I'm the only Coder on the team so i'm not sure how useful it will be but i'm with you. I've always coded / Edited HTML and CSS in a text editor and importated it for each email useing a blank template (like you said). However my non-code savey co-workers need something in a template version that they can manipulate in the wysiwyg html editor :) 

                Maybe this is just a Marketo flaw. Oh well..
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                  Nathan Allison
                  Yep I am with you.  JSbin is great if you are code savvy/comfortable, otherwise it's hard when other users need to work off of a template.

                  Regarding Marketo's native email editor, I am told there is a pretty significant update coming to it in the near future, which has been a long time coming, in my opinion.  Based on what I've heard, we should expect this sometime before the end of Q1, so hopefully that will make life easier soon!