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How do I unsync fields from Microsoft CRM Dynamics?

Question asked by 7719534a9238ec861d7dcdfac51087ba03b951cc on Jan 26, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 26, 2015 by 7719534a9238ec861d7dcdfac51087ba03b951cc
Hi guys,

There are a bunch of fields at the Lead level and Contact level in the CRM that I have synced with on Marketo. However, due to having differently Display Names in the CRM, Marketo has differentiated them as different fields (despite have the same schema name in CRM). Compared with other fields where the Display name is identical, Marketo have merged them together which is the desired result. 

I have edited the Display Names in the CRM so that it is identical between Leads and Contacts, and when I try to sync/unsync them, it is showing the correct name. However, the fields on the forms are still incorrect. 

Is there a way to 'unsync' the fields between MS Dynamic CRM and Marketo so that they are removed from the form? I'm aware of being able to hide fields on Marketo but I would like a resync so it detects the changes from CRM.

Any ideas?