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    Email Campaign - Drip program Question

      I'm trying to create an email campaign, which will includes 6 emails. My goal is try to let prospects sign up on a web page. If the prospect didn't sign up, he or she will continue receive emails, until all 6 emails send out. However, I do not wish the prospect receive any further email after he or she received an email, clicked link in the email and signed up on the web page.

      I know Marketo --> Compaign --> Flow have a few features, such as "Add to a list", "Remove from list". But my question is, how can I know if a prospect registered or not? How can I achieve my goal? Which type of trigger I should add and add in where?

      PS: the sign up form on the web page was not created from Marketo.


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          Josh Hill
          This would be better done with an Engagement.

          Your exit campaign will say "If Clicked Link in an Email AND Filled out form X" then push to an Empty Stream. An alternative is to Pause or remove them entirely from the Engagement.
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            Is the form a Marketo form? If so, then Josh's recommendation should work well. If not, are you sending any confirmation email or capturing these web page sign ups in a list/segment. If so, you can use that in your criteria for removal of lead from getting future emails. I've done it in the past where I gathered all registrants in a list and if a lead belonged to that list I would have the step "If member of list X then remove from stream/program"
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              Thanks for the reply!

              @Josh I didn't see an option called "If Clicked Link in an Email AND Filled out form X" in "Smart campaign -- > Flow". Can you tell me where I can find it?

              I notied that there are lots of "Triggers" and "Filters" in "Smart Campaign --> Smart list". There are two options "Fills out Form" and "Click link in Email" in "Triggers". Is that you are talking about? But if I choose any tirggers, I cannot schedule a campagin.

              @Avnita G The form is not a Marketo form. It was created in Jive. We didn't do any intergration or connect Jive to  Marketo. So, we can collect user's information in Jive after a user signed up in the web page.

              As it's not connect with Marketo, so there is no place I can set in a list/segment. I can only export the list from Jive, then add the list in Marketo list.

              I try to do it automaticlly by using Marketo Smart Campaign. Such as Send Email No.1 --> find out whether user A signed up --> if Yes (signed up),  then won't send email No.2-No6; If No, then will send the No.2 email... and so on. The hard part is, how I can identify if a user signed up on a web page (not click the link in an email), by using Marketo automation tool or through a Smart Campaign.  How can I connect the two seperate parts together?