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Email Campaign - Drip program Question

Question asked by dd4e88390cd2d2d9eabc1cb2a0b74c3f4ca6385b on Jan 23, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 23, 2015 by dd4e88390cd2d2d9eabc1cb2a0b74c3f4ca6385b
I'm trying to create an email campaign, which will includes 6 emails. My goal is try to let prospects sign up on a web page. If the prospect didn't sign up, he or she will continue receive emails, until all 6 emails send out. However, I do not wish the prospect receive any further email after he or she received an email, clicked link in the email and signed up on the web page.

I know Marketo --> Compaign --> Flow have a few features, such as "Add to a list", "Remove from list". But my question is, how can I know if a prospect registered or not? How can I achieve my goal? Which type of trigger I should add and add in where?

PS: the sign up form on the web page was not created from Marketo.