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Unsubscribe Clicks counted as clicks?

Question asked by 46626 on Jan 26, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 12, 2017 by Dan Stevens.
I just ran a report on an email I sent and it said 38 Clicks and 20 Unsubscribes. 

I ran a second report to get a list of those who clicked on the specific link CTA. That said 8.

To check I created a smart list that said -

Clicked link in email is (The Email)
in past  30 days
Member of List (The List)

Then looked at the campaign members and go into qualified leads which were 38. Looks good. Then I start to  look at each person's activity log  - Unsubscribes are in there?! I thought they weren't included in clicks?

I ended up going through all 38 and there were the 20 unsubscribes included. Im confused!