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Nurturing and Streams for Email Preference Center

Question asked by 332e9345ea735b5f2e8dfebf97c2032349b39bc4 on Jan 22, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 23, 2015 by 62122
I want to create a process for an email preference center that we are prototyping. I have the EPC created with different areas of interest leads can select from. An intital email blast would go out to inactive leads first to get them to the landing page. 

I also want to use the nurturing channel for my program because using different themed streams would help move them to their appropriate track. 

My questions -  is this good practice? Also, for the smart list not sure what the trigger would be?  Here is my initial smart list:


And here is my intial Flow:

I'd appreciate any feedback or best practice with what I've created thus far. Thanks!